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This unique guided tour of Juhayna’s factories will take you into the heart of our production process and give you insight into what it takes to bring some of Egypt’s best-known household brands to market.


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Full Cream Milk

With a high concentration of

Zero Milk

It is available in 1

Mix Milk Chocolate

Our Chocolate flavored Mix Milk

Rayeb Plain

The ideal drinkable yoghurt for

Classic Juice Mango

All of the flavors that

Pure Red Grapes

All of our Pure line

Oriental Lemon Mint

Our lemon mint Oriental Juice

Strawberry Watermelon

All of our classics flavors

Cooking Cream

Launched in 2006. Our cooking

Sour Cream

Our Sour Cream is a

Whipping Cream

Launched in 1999. Our whipping